About Us

The Dress Studio founders Kristie, Matt & Luffingham


The Dress Studio is a Melville-based dress hire studio specialising in stunning dresses that are ready for hire in Perth.

I love dressing up for special social events but don't like wearing the same thing twice. Hiring dresses was a cost-effective way of feeding my habit but, being based south of the river in Perth, the pick up and drop off drives to the northern suburbs (where most, if not all, dress hire boutiques are located) was rather time consuming and inconvenient.

My mission is to provide my fellow Southies, and any and all interested Perthians, a more convenient location to try on high-end, stylish dresses so you can look great, without having to spend a fortune purchasing the dress yourself.

Starting up The Dress Studio was only possible with the help and support of Matt, my 2IC and partner in crime and in life generally. What he lacks in fashion sense he makes up for in legal, accounting and administrative abilities.

And then there is my 3IC, our pug named "Luffingham". He is naturally glamorous but does not understand the dress hire business at all. He does however bring a friendly demeanour and great energy to every situation.

Our Melville Studio

An important part of the experience for me is offering customers the option of being able to try on the outfit to make sure it fits well and looks and feels great before you hire.

This is why we have created a warm, welcoming studio for you to come and have the opportunity to try-before-you-hire.

This has been a dream of mine for so long and I can’t wait to welcome you to our Melville home studio, a space that has come together beautifully to offer a bright and enjoyable try-on and hiring experience.

I look forward to meeting you soon to try on some outfits!